Freggies plant based food has a range of Sides (circular vegetable snacks) and Meats (vegetable meat). The Sides consist of chickpeas, lentils, vegetable fibers, fresh spices, herbs and vegetable oil. The Freggies sides are:
– Fiber-rich;
– Low in unsaturated fat and salt;
– No sugar added;
– GMO free;
– Palm oil free;
– Tasteful;
– Easy to prepare;
– Circular (from vegetable fibers from juice production).

The Sides offer the kitchen the opportunity to reuse daily fresh vegetables by combining them with the Sides. For example: create from unused fresh tomatoes a salsa sauce or using cucumbers for tzatziki.




The Meats are:
– From soya (from responsible cultivation);
– Tasteful;
– High in protein;
– Low in unsaturated fat;
– Free from gluten;
– GMO free;
– Palm oil free;
– Almost impossible to distinguish from real; Satay, Shaslick, Stew and Freggies Fried Chicken.